Thursday, December 6

New Nokia site lets consumers have the last word on what's cool...

Nokia announced today the launch of "N酷邦" (Ncool), China's first online meeting point for the brand's core audience of 20 to 30-year olds. Users are invited to post, discuss and argue about what's cool and what's not.

The centrepiece of the Ncool programme is a website where users congregate to exchange opinions, photos and links. Ncool is designed to be a truly interactive destination and is optimised for Social Networking Site (SNS) users. Visitors can submit their profile to be shared with other users, as well as engage in real-time commenting on submissions coming in.

"This is a website for individuals who are not just seeking another online activity, but a real viral community where they will find a depth of involvement with their peer group," says Simon Xue, Digital Marketing Manager with Eight's team in Beijing.

At the heart of the programme's theme is the "Battle for Cool", challenging users to compete and vote to rank cool. The topic for battle is chosen each month by well-known personalities from the media, the arts, show business, creative industries, sports, etc. The first guest is Kelvin Kwong. Further engagement will be driven by exclusive one-to-one video interviews with the celebrities.

The Internet site has been extended into a WAP portal allowing users to upload cool findings directly from their mobile phones, as well as preview the monthly winners. The site is also designed to support and promote Nokia's N-series range of multimedia enabled mobile phone products, and there will be an exclusive NSeries user section on the WAP site to reward existing Nokia phone holders.

A comprehensive activation plan leveraging a variety of channels has been designed around the site itself to generate noise, traffic and participation.

Video virals will be seeded in national online SNS destinations across China, supported by online, print media and mobile advertising. The viral films were produced by One Production and shot by Beijing director Wuershan 乌尔

Click here to view the viral TVC.

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