Tuesday, June 16

Make $3 Million on Twitter

Twitter is currently not monetised, at least not by Twitter itself. But Dell tell a different story. This week they revealed that they have made a total of $2 million in sales thanks directly to @DellOutlet, and a further $1 million in sales that started on Twitter but were completed elsewhere. What is the secret to their success?.
Dell sells refurbished computers through @DellOutlet and has about 600,000 followers. The way it uses @DellOutlet is quite simple. They message their followers with deals, special offers and discounts. This is a form of real-time coupons - Dell can alert people to offers and discounts as they arise. And change the offers immediately when they sell out.

People love a bargain, they love feeling that they are the first to know something, and they love a personal connection and interaction. It is the combination of all three of these in @DellOutlet that makes it so successful.

  • Dell’s approach to Twitter fosters a personal connection - rather than have a single corporate Twitter account, they segment their followers by having different accounts for different customers with different needs and interests. Those following are interested in what that particular Twitter account has to offer and will feel that it is meeting their needs.
  • The use of a real-time update system like Twitter allows for offers to be promoted when they occur. It offers an immediate notification of any offer or discount and as such those who follow @DellOutlet are the first to know about deals.
  • Through @DellOutlet, people can find out about genuinely good deals.

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