Sunday, December 7

The words this week: interesting read

Alan Moore's white paper on “The glittering allure of the mobile society” via London Calling

Design revolution or social (r)evolution by Marcia Caines (Cluster). Edited by Mark Vanderbeeken (Experientia) is a round up of the St Etienne Biennale and tries to answer contemporary design questions

- How can design help to develop our lifestyles?
- How to make design work with research and innovation?
- How can design now become a tool for economic development?
via Putting people first

Interesting read of the week an article about Abhilasha a pilot study by New Dehli start up Eko and the Centurion Bank of Punjab that offers an interest earning saving account that can be updated and managed through a mobile phone. In the article Jan Chipchase taps into usability and illiteracy in mobile banking. via Future Perfect

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