Tuesday, February 12

Green Tower Does Away with Hallways


Jean Nouvel's vision of a green future doesn't include hallways. The big-name French architect and designer has a skinny and controversial $400-million, 45-story luxury condo tower on the boards for Los Angeles, and the design allows elevators to access condos directly.

If built, the tower is expected to land LEED certification from the U.S. Green Building Council, thanks to its thin design and pedestrian access (the latter is much debated).


With dimensions at 600 feet tall, 325 feet wide 50 foot deep, the daylight pours in, says Nouvel, who calls it a "green blade." Residents will be able to keep lights off during the day and benefit from natural ventilation.

Terraces will be on each floor and units will have private gardens. A 40,000-square- foot garden will be planted at the base of the building.

"Each residence is designed as a home in the sky surrounded by an abundance of plants and flowers but with no visual limits to the spectacular views of the city, mountains and ocean," Nouvel says. We wonder what they have planned for emergency access. ::The Los Angeles Times via ::YahooNews Also see Nouvel's ::Quai Branly Museum in Paris More on towers ::Green Tower Criticized as Phallic ::Bill McDonough's Tower of Tomorrow ::Hearst Tower Leed Certified in “Gold”

Images courtesy of The Los Angeles Times
via Treehugger
by Mairi Beautyman, Berlin, Germany

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